Please be sure to enter the billing address associated with the card. This would be the address your bank has on file and sends your statements to.

If your payment received an error, you will see a pending payment in your bank account for each payment attempt. Please contact your bank with questions on when you can expect the pending payment to be credited back to your account.

Payments made after 4:00 pm will be applied the following business day.

Current Dues Rates

Journey-Level, Apprentices & Pre-Apprentices: $28.00
Early Retired: $16.80
Retired: $6.00 (must be age 65 or older AND have 30 years or more continuous service)
Disabled: $6.00 (must be receiving disability benefits through the Social Security Administration, contact us to ask how to apply for the Disabled Rate)

Members who are age 65 or older or are collecting a Carpenters Pension are not qualified for the MetLife insurance and will not be charged the additional $5.00 per month.

Membership Payments Local 322 Members Only


Do NOT pay your dues here if you owe more than 5 months.YOUR PAYMENT WILL BE REFUNDED AND DUES WILL NOT BE PAID. Please call the office at 651-379-0272 to make payment if you owe more than 5 months.

MEMBERS IN ARREARS: If you are in Arrears, the only way to retain a good standing membership is to pay your full balance owed including any late fees. Please remember that if you are in Arrears, you are not eligible for many benefits.

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