Need a new TVC? Send an email to with a request for a new TVC. Once ordered, if we have an email on file for you, you will receive a temporary TVC that is good for up to 2 weeks. When the permanent card is received, the QR Code on the temporary card is deactivated and the new QR code becomes active. We MUST have a current and correct address on file to order a TVC.

Scan your TVC to see the following:

  • Classification and Craft
  • Dues paid through date
  • Initiation date
  • Union status (good standing/arrears/suspended)
  • Upcoming apprenticeship classes
  • Training, certifications and qualifications
  • Welding certifications
  • Additional certifications and qualifications from third party

Your Training Verification Card (TVC) is your Union Work Card and your training card.

Training Verification Card

Scan your Training Verification Card with the camera on your phone or a QR Code App to view your information.